"Writers will happen in the best of families." ~ Rita Mae Brown

Wetknee Books is a family affair. Included under our umbrella are books by Anna Hess, her father Errol Hess, her husband Mark Hamilton, and her werewolf alter-ego Aimee Easterling.

Anna Hess enjoys writing about her adventures, both on her blog at www.WaldenEffect.org and in her books. Her first paperback, The Weekend Homesteader, helped tens of thousands of homesteaders-to-be find ways to fit their dreams into the hours left over from a full-time job. Hess is also the author of Bug-free Organic Gardening, Trailersteading, The Ultimate Guide to Soil, Homegrown Humus and several ebook-only titles. She lives with her husband in the foothills of southeastern Ohio.


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Errol Hess is a founding editor of Sow's Ear Poetry Review and a prolific writer of short stories, poetry, and essays. Publication credits include National Public Radio's All Things Considered and Madison Review, along with several smaller journals. Errol has won the Sherwood Anderson Short Story Contest and the Highlands Festival Contest, while his children's story, “Joey Learns to Fly,” was made into an award-winning animated film.

Errol is now retired and living on a thirty-six acre tract full of beavers, foxes, raccoons, mink, muskrat, turtles, sweetgum, and oak. He recently completed building an addition onto his home and dreams of constructing a small writer's retreat in the woods behind the house.