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Bite sized tomatoes

We got a late start on our deck grown tomatoes.

A bit of a mix up on which variety this is but I really like the sweet taste and easy harvest.

This is the second year our deck tomatoes seem to be healthier than the ones we planted in the garden.

I like to split them down the middle to add a sweet dash of color to our salads.

2 thoughts on “Bite sized tomatoes

  1. I wonder if it’s the difference in water availability? Here in WI, we’ve had severe drought conditions all year, and this is the best tomato crop I’ve had in years. I only watered them when they were young.

    When I ived in Chicagoland (~41*N), I covered the tomato plants with hoop house in mid setember and was able to harvest vine ripened tomatoes into December. Here in WI (44*N) it doesn’t work– only one sunny day a week in the fall– if we’re lucky.

    For the last two weeks I’ve eaten nothing but tomato salad, tomato soup, tomato sandwiches, tomato juice and tomato sauce on pasta– I’m sick of tomatoes…but, being of Sicilian heritage, I get this uncontrollable urge to plant tomatoes every spring….kinda like Richard Dreyfus couldn’t help himself from drawing, painting & sculpting The Butte in “Close Encoounters..”

    1. Water is definitely relevant! I think for us the biggest issue is blight on the spring-planted tomatoes resulting from summer rains. Planting some later far away from that viral reservoir and at a time when rain has stopped falling means the late crop sidesteps blight.

      I’m so glad you’re gorging on tomatoes! Gotta gorge now to get through the long cold days ahead.

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