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Firewood stacking puzzle

We started cutting up and stacking our neighbors’ wood-mill throwaways.

A new problem cropped up. How to stack unconventional sized firewood?

This is what we came up with.

Is there a better way to stack these pieces of wood?

2 thoughts on “Firewood stacking puzzle

  1. Irregular lengths is more of problem requiring some planning than than inconsistent diameters. Try to match two shorties with each longer size, interweaving rows when necessary….No racks or end supports are needed if you start & end each third of fourth layer by turning the ingots at right angles…. For those half-rounds, start first layer bark-side down, second layer flat side to flat side, then flip the third layer over so that the rounded bark sides fit over -lapping between the 2nd layer, etc…It’s like building a stone wall with irregularly sized stones.

    1. Great ideas! Thank you!

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