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How to harvest a Luffa sponge

A short and fun video on how to harvest a Luffa sponge.

2 thoughts on “How to harvest a Luffa sponge

  1. Wow! How fun! Great project for YWCA Tech Gyrls–Can you send me some seed? And growing times…Prob. like squashes? Who first grew it? SW Indians? Does is have a scrubby feel, in doing dishes (or using for bathing)? Any plant smell with it, when wet? How long does it last as a scrubble? Last: is it at all related to any other plant we know? Thanks for sharing and hope more to come–maybe on Yule logs?

    1. I can definitely send you some seeds! It’s very easy to grow — doesn’t seem to have the same susceptibility to disease as many squashes (which are the relevant relative). The dried result does have a mild, scrubby feel. I don’t recall any plant smell when wet. Mark says it lasts about two months doing dishes.

      Glad you enjoyed the video! 🙂

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