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Styrofoam Ant Tunnels

What are these extremely small white particles appearing out of nowhere?

It took me almost a year to figure out some ants were making a home in a section of our styrofoam.

We don’t like toxic chemicals so I just removed the offending styrofoam and will have to replace it with some of the itchy stuff.

One thought on “Styrofoam Ant Tunnels

  1. Just for the record — ants don’t like peppermint. Our AC quit one year and we couldn’t figure out the problem at first. And then my husband found an important component packed full of dead ants (they’d been electrocuted). To prevent that from happening again, we put peppermint oil on it every spring and so far (several years, already) it’s working. We still have plenty of ants running around, so haven’t eliminated them, just eliminated them electrocuting themselves in our AC unit.

    A side note, ants eat termites, so that alone is already a good reason not to eliminate them.

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