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Incubation handbook now in print!

Incubation Handbook now in printI’m thrilled to announce that our incubation handbook is now in print! A very skilled intern helped buff up the text over the winter and the result is ready to make your next hatch a major success.

(The ebook is a bit spiffier also, with the same information but more polish and a fancier cover and title.)

Here are some of the reviews of the first edition if you need more incentive to check it out:

“I have had problems with incubating chicks, getting low to no hatch, and high hatch mortality. All of the info in this book makes great sense! This helped me a lot to fix ALL of my hatch problems.” — sunnyweller

“I especially found the “helping chicks hatch” section very helpful. Followed the instructions and saved two chicks!” — Keaokun

“My first attempt at incubating was a dismal failure. I only hatched 6 of 19 eggs. Two of those had facial and beak deformities. This little ebook was so helpful and I was able to pinpoint – many – things I had done wrong.” — V. Schafer

“Awesome book, well written. Not too basic nor too much extraneous detail.” — chem girl

I’m hoping to enjoy another round of intern magic this summer, so I’d love to hear which ebook-only title you’d most like to have available in print. Or perhaps you’d prefer us to turn our newest video course into an ebook and paperback? Please comment and let me know what you want!