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Kohl wheelbarrow demise

What about the Kohl lifetime warranty?

Not so fast. Kohl tools have a generous lifetime warranty but Kohl products do not.

They still sell the same 6 cubic feet Kohl model…now it’s 179 dollars.

Wooden replacement handles are 19 dollars which hopefully will give us many more years of hauling.

2 thoughts on “Kohl wheelbarrow demise

  1. If the remaining part of the steel handles are solid, fit your own wooden shafts up the hollow center to form new handles. Use wood from your own tree branches?

    For the barrow itself, spray it with Rust Mort from the auto parts store (Rustoleum makes a similar product) to stop the rust from eating thru like cancer. The stuff turns rust into a black compound. Paint over it to make it last.

    If you’re going to be able to save the remnants, strip the paint and treat it with the rust remover too. It looks like their fancy-schmancy handles were designed to retain moisture and cause the cancer.

    1. What a cool idea to add wooden shafts up through the center of the messed-up metal handles! Mark’s already laboriously cut the rusted bolts loose and bought official wooden handles, unfortunately, but hopefully later readers can learn from that tidbit. I agree with you that their fancy-schmancy handles weren’t as well thought-out as they initially looked….

      Stay tuned for Mark’s followup post in which he did, indeed, add some kind of rust-eating product on the remaining metal.

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