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Kohl wheelbarrow wooden handle repair

The wheelbarrow repair was not as easy as it first looked.

Holes in the wooden handles did not match up with the modern Kohl design.

Wooden Handles               19 dollars

Rustoleum Spray Paint    7 dollars

Nuts, Washers, Bolts        10 dollars

EvapaRust                              13 dollars

It also took more time than I originally planned for.

Prepare surface of parts for EvapaRust, Apply EvapaRust, Wait, Wipe off, Paint with spray paint.

Drill the additional holes, and put it all back together.

Would’ve been much smarter to buy the 79 dollar Truper wheelbarrow with a plastic tray at Menards.

I did discover that Evaparust was a useful product with zero toxic smell that does what it says.

4 thoughts on “Kohl wheelbarrow wooden handle repair

  1. But now you have the Rolls Royce of wheel barrows, or should we say, tha Mack Truck.. Good job. That Truper from Menards wouldn’t hold up to two weeks at the beach building sand castles

  2. […] of the problems with restoring a wheelbarrow is the damage around bolt holes which prevents the round headed bolts from biting in so you can […]

  3. If you don’t keep a plastic wheelbarrow out of the sun, it won’t last all that long.

    And for future reference, smell is not a good indication if something is toxic or not. There are plenty of things that smell horrible but are harmless and also lots of things that are very toxic but hardly smell.

    BTW, the links in your article show up in yellow on a green background and are hardly readable.

    1. Good point about UV damage on a plastic wheelbarrow. (And sorry about the links — we’ve been trying to remember to underline them to make them show up better. I probably should change the theme…)

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